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258SCOPA and Central Park Village!

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  • Alvin W. Wolfe
    Aug 15, 2006
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      SCOPA members may not have noticed this paragraph at the bottom of
      the call I posted Aug 13 about Central Park Village:

      Please join us to explore ways that the faculty, staff, and students
      at USF might be helpful to the residents who are going through this
      process. This situation offers opportunities for both research and
      service learning. It also provides a potential site for
      volunteerism, especially with tutoring and mentoring. If you want to
      be involved, but cannot attend this meeting, or would like further
      information about it, please contact Susan Greenbaum
      (greenbau@...; 974-0777), Cheryl Rodriguez
      (crodrigu@...; 974-4435), or Harold Keller
      (hkeller@...; 974-6709).

      Dr. Greenbaum says this can be a good opportunity for SCOPA members
      to get involved in the helpful ways we have been calling for. Now
      let's respond!

      Please attend this meeting at USF about Central Park Village!