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255FW: SfAA Newsletter

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  • Glenn Brown
    Jul 17, 2006
      Hi Folks,
      It's that time again.  Does anyone have anything they would like to pass along for the Newletter?  Now is the time.

      From: Bohren,Lenora [mailto:bohren@...]
      Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 1:15 PM
      To: Christina Wasson - TAPAS; Clare Boulanger - HPSfAA; Gillian Grebler - SCAAN; Glenn Brown; Jim Mullooly - CVAAN & CALPO; John Mullen - WAPA; Kim Koester - BAAPA; Kreg Ettenger - HPSfAA; Nancy P. Greenman - CAPA; Paige Beverly - MSAPA; Roxanna Manoochehri - TAPAS; Stacy Graiko - New England Area; Susan Mann - NY; Terry Redding
      Cc: Roberts, William C
      Subject: SfAA Newsletter

      It is that time again!!  let me know if you have any updates since we last communicated.  Our last article was not printed (I did send it on time!) - so the information you sent me in April will be included in this newsletter unless you send me an update.  Bill Roberts at the above email address will be doing the LPO column after the August edition.  Thanks, I have really enjoyed meeting and working with all of you - Leni Bohren
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