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237USF AntConn, Distinguished Alum Award, Friend of Anthropology

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  • Alvin W. Wolfe
    Mar 16, 2006
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      TO: All AntConn Committee Members, and all Anthro Alums, and all
      persons interested in AntConn (fostering anthropological connections –
      anthropological faculty, alumni and friends.

      FROM: Alvin Wolfe

      SUBJECT: Distinguished Alum Award Procedure

      Among the conditions of the Distinguished Alum Award and the Friend
      of Anthropology Award is the availability of awardees to participate
      in the Applied Anthropology Colloquium ordinarily scheduled in
      October. Therefore, it has been suggested that the AntConn Committee
      should give the Department Chair ranked lists of nominees much
      earlier than we have in the past.

      At the same time, some members of the AntConn Committee have
      complained that they would like to have more lead time before
      Committee meetings.

      Therefore: As chair of the AntConn Committee, I would like to call
      for a meeting of the Committee in April, shall we say lunchtime
      Friday April 28 probably at our usual location, Latam at El Centro
      Asturiano on Nebraska Avenue, to discuss the nominations that are
      received by a deadline of Tuesday, April 24th.

      Anyone who sees this notice and is interested in participating,
      please get in touch with:
      Alvin Wolfe, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, who chairs
      the AntConn Committee.