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228FW: Carol Stack - Friday, January 27, at 1 PM in SOC 37

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  • Glenn Brown
    Jan 24, 2006
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              Carol Stack, author of All Our Kin and Call to Home, will be speaking at USF this


                   Friday, January 27, at 1 PM in SOC 37.


                           "Doing Anthropology for Social Justice"


                       a review of the ethnographies of welfare reform and their findings


       Prof. Stack recently retired from the faculty of the UC Berkeley College of Education.  She has made numerous contributions to the practice of ethnography, especially among African Americans.  Her landmark book, All Our Kin (1972), offered a serious and influential challenge to the 1965 Moynihan Report that suggested poverty among African Americans resulted from deficient families.  Her most recent work has been with teenaged workers in fast food in Oakland , California .  She has won numerous awards for her research and writing.


      For information, contact Susan Greenbaum, 974-0777 or greenbau@...



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