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  • Glenn
    Nov 18, 2005
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      Oddly enough, another year has passed. It seems like just last week
      people were arguing about California...in any case, Ellen Puccia has
      graciously offered to represent SCOPA again this year and pass along
      any relevant activities and information. I let her know that I am
      not really sure what to elaborate on as I haven't really had the
      time to meet officially in regard to SCOPA with anyone. I have had
      some sidebar conversations, usually in passing that have generally
      been something like:" You know, I think we need to
      reincorporate..," or "I think Susan Greenbaum may be interested in
      getting some help coding information relating to the work in Central
      Park village," and "It would be interesting and fun to have a
      conference in a few months so we can talk about all the stuff we
      have been swamped with at our various agencies..."

      If anyone would like to comment on what Ellen shared with us from
      last year's meeting (I can't find the document in the archive or I
      would have attached it - she posted in April of 2005 for those of
      you that are email hoarders - I do remember that she had done some
      networking with the High Plains folks who were interested in
      attending any sort of conference if we actually do decide to
      organize one; I believe she had some thoughts on how we could be
      better organized as well...)

      In any case, please share your thoughts, accomplishments and ideas
      and or activities for the future as they may relate to SCOPA with
      Ellen. Either post to the group (which is nice because people can
      take the opportunity to embellish...) or send them directly to

      Ellen, thank you for your bravery and persistence.