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215RE: [SCOPA] FW: Katrina PeopleFinder Project update: 345,000+ records of missing persons

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  • Thais Forbes
    Sep 12, 2005

      Glenn—thanks so much for sharing this wonderful resource.  I am forwarding to a physician in Baton Rouge who recently emailed us asking for any help we could provide the many patients he is treating from New Orleans.  Those who survive are often separated from their family at a time we would all need family most.  This website can be a valuable resource to expedite their search.



      T.R. Forbes, M.A.

      Vasectomy & Reversal Centers of Florida

      3000 East Fletcher Avenue, Suite 330

      Tampa, Florida 33613

      (813) 299-1574

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      Monday, September 12, 2005 12:18 PM
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      Subject: [SCOPA] FW: Katrina PeopleFinder Project update: 345,000+ records of missing persons


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      From: HUman Service Information Technology Applications
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      Sunday, September 11, 2005 11:58 AM
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      Subject: Katrina PeopleFinder Project update: 345,000+ records of
      missing persons

      Dear Colleagues,

      I hope that you'll be pleased by this update:  the Katrina
      PeopleFinder Project, which is compiling records of missing persons
      from all available online sources, now has a searchable database of
      over 345,000 records.

      For more information about this volunteer project, please go to
      or <http://www.katrinalist.net>.

      Best regards from Deborah
      Deborah Elizabeth Finn
      Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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      From: Steve Fisher <sfisher@...>
      Sep 11, 2005 11:22 AM
      Subject: [PeopleFinder] katrinalist.net import update

      I have imported all of the ICRC data into www.katrinalist.net, and it
      is fully indexed and ready for searching. The wiki has been updated

      We now have over 345,000 records in the database.


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