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  • Wolfe, Alvin
    Aug 16, 2005
      Reading messages on the SCOPA YahooGroup about the concerns of Central
      Park Village residents who will be displaced reminds me of the 1996 MA
      thesis by Catherine Sugg: "Relocation Case Study and Evaluation of
      Displaced Tenants in Two Mobile Home Parks." We should reread that. We
      might get some good ideas for dealing with this current problem.
      You can view her abstract on my web site and probably on the
      Departmental web site as well. On mine it is at:
      It would be helpful if Catherine were to join our discussion group on
      this. She can do it herself by going to
      http://www.yahoogroups.com and following instructions for joining SCOPA
      YahooGroup. Or, Glenn can add her to the list by using the "ADD"
      Catherine Sugg (cksugg@...) Catherine Sugg

      I am copying this message to her, and I hope she takes my strong hint
      and will join up. --Alvin