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205RE: [SCOPA] Central Park Development

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  • E.J. Ford
    Aug 16, 2005
      I have been following the coverage of the Central Park Village development
      stuff for a while now and I wanted to point out something that may be
      obvious to most readers of this series of emails:

      The THA is not asking the question of the current resident that they should
      be asking. What they are asking is something like: "Aren't these new
      constructions a whole lot better than what you have now?" Only a fool would
      say that they are not a significant improvement. When, in reality, what
      they should be asking is: "Would you allow us to build these new places if
      you knew that you would be unlikely to pass the readmission application that
      is required for all residents of the new place?"

      Again, this may strike people as obvious, but the "resident's association"
      has bought into the idea that anything would be better than what they have
      presently - they haven't given much thought to the idea that some/all of the
      current residents will be displaced. Dr. Greenbaum pointed out, when
      Civitas was first under construction, that what is actually happening is
      that residents are expressing a disconnect - they understand that people
      will be displaced, but they assume that they will be someone else.

      Let's keep all this in mind as the project moves inexorably forward and
      residents begin to be quoted.

      EJ "I know you knew this already - I wasn't talking to you" Ford

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      I just learned that this morning, right now, they are having a
      presentation of the Development plans, at the Tampa Housing Authority,
      1514 Union St, 253-0551. Sorry we didn't know about it earlier.

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