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181Fwd: Abuse of poor neighborhood in Lakeland, Florida

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    Jun 3 12:43 PM

      rdbowers@... wrote:
      Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 15:40:08 -0400 (EDT)
      Subject: Abuse of poor neighborhood in Lakeland, Florida
      From: rdbowers@...
      To: "USF Anthropology list" <usf-ant@...>

      In downtown Lakeland, Florida, there is a low income neighborhood that has
      been bought out (without most of the occupants knowing about it) and the
      plans are to convert the area to high price condos. Many of the people
      are going to have a hard, if not impossible, time finding a place to live.

      I've attached the two Lakeland Ledger articles about this situation to
      this email. I'm also going to write a letter to the Lakeland Ledger
      rebuking the city and the Ledger for this betrayal of citizens who just
      happen to be poor and living in a poor area.

      I would like suggestions on how to deal with this, and hopefully fight
      this. The church Sue and I attend (when we're away from the reservation)
      has been helping people in that neighborhood for years and they might get
      involved as well.


      Bob Bowers
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