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156From Children's Bureau Express: Email Services on Funding and Fundraising

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  • Glenn Brown
    Mar 1, 2005

      Email Services on Funding and Fundraising

      Free email services on funding and fundraising topics abound on the web. These services provide up-to-the-minute information on everything from the latest RFP to new trends in fundraising. Below is just a sample listing of the types of newsletters and listservs available on the web.

      * Grants.gov provides information from several Federal departments on available funding (


      * Charity Channel sends e-newsletters and hosts forums on various aspects of fundraising, as well as funding from State and Federal agencies (


      * Foundation Center RFP Bulletin supplies information on upcoming grants from private, community, and corporate foundations (


      * Norris Consulting produces a monthly newsletter on grants and other funding resources (


      * On Philanthropy provides e-newsletters on general fundraising, corporate funding, technology, and more (


      * Non-Profit Times sends out a monthly e-newsletter on all aspects of fundraising (


      * Grassroots Fundraising Journal provides a monthly e-newsletter on fundraising (


      * Fundraising Cyberzine also provides a monthly e-newsletter on fundraising (