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131FW: Update on LPO activities

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  • Glenn Brown
    Nov 8, 2004
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      From: Terry Redding [mailto:terryredding@...]
      Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 10:34 PM
      Subject: Update on LPO activities

      Dear LPO Folks:

      I have been waiting for the dust to settle from the AAA decision to move
      the 2004 meeting to San Francisco to Atlanta before writing you about
      how the move will affect activities for LPOs. In a previous message I
      noted plans for a NAPA LPO roundtable, networking party, and Consortium
      booth. Lots of discussions have been taking place about how to deal
      with the move, but it was decided that none of these activities could be
      meaningfully or easily transferred to Atlanta.

      This is of course a disappointment and I will follow up this message
      with some of you individually to discuss ongoing activities and needs.

      On the bright side, I have been in touch with my wonderful counterparts
      from SfAA and they are open to a cosponsored activity for the April SfAA
      meeting in Santa Fe. We will be in touch in due course, once we know
      what's possible. In any case it should be a great opportunity for us
      all to work together and have some fun, too.

      There is also discussion of a Consortium booth for the SfAA meeting,
      which would hopefully include an opportunity for LPOs to disseminate
      information. Those talks are ongoing and we probably won't know
      anything until the new year.

      In a way, this AAA situation brings to mind the real need for LPOs.
      Sometimes things happen at the nation level that are out of our control.
      With a local group of colleagues, we can at least plan and guide our
      fates a little more easily, and support each other in times of need.

      For those of you who are going to Atlanta, I hope things will go
      smoothly and productively for you. AAA does not have a sense yet of how
      many people are going, but will try to judge it by how many
      pre-registrants request refunds in the coming weeks.

      Best wishes for now,
      Terry Redding
      NAPA LPO Liaison

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