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Fwd: Fw: Starting the New Year Right! Bridge Lessons January 10 2018

Please consider joining a great club and learning a great game. Bob Robey ... From: Nancy Popek Date: Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 6:29 PM
    Robert Robey
    Dec 9
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    Re: Congratulations Army

    I'm sorry Navy did not win; I thought it was going to be their game. I almost never missed going to the Army-Navy game in Philly when I lived back east. No
    Ellen Greenspan
    Dec 9

    Congratulations Army

    After a very hard fought game in heavy snow the Army team beat Navy 14 - 13. Congratulations to Army. Bruce Alitt
    Dec 9

    Army - Navy Football

    Tomorrow, Saturday, at noon the greatest college rivalry adds another chapter. Enjoy the football game. Bruce Alitt ps - GO NAVY
    Dec 8

    Re: [SCSCS] Re: [suncityexchange] My Thoughts re: Dec 5 board meetin

    That's as I remember it as well Bruce ... That's as I remember it as well Bruce On 12/6/2017 8:59 AM, seawolf1963@... [suncityexchange] wrote:   Connie  
    Jeff Wilkinson
    Dec 6

    Re: [SCSCS] Re: [suncityexchange] My Thoughts re: Dec 5 board meetin

    Connie I honestly do not remember the exact votes. I know that Barbara H and Ellen B voted in favor but I do not remember if any others voted with them as
    Dec 6

    Re: [suncityexchange] My Thoughts re: Dec 5 board meeting

    Bruce would you share how the vote was recorded on these items?  Especially interested in number 1.  TYConnie Sieber From: "seawolf1963@...
    connie sieber
    Dec 6

    My Thoughts re: Dec 5 board meeting

    There were some interesting happenings at the board meeting held on 12/5 but this is not intended to be a complete report of all the board actions. 1 - Clubs
    Dec 6

    Fwd: [SCSCS] Bylaw Ballot

    There were some public questions regarding the proposed by-law changes. Below are the questions and my opinion on each one. The by-laws changes came in a
    Dec 6

    Re: [SC-SCOOP] I am a Candidate - BRUCE ALITT

    Bruce, You know where some of the skeletons are, I know where all of them are.  I have been a "public defender" for SCSCAI since 1995. We both know that no
    Dec 3

    I am a Candidate - BRUCE ALITT

    I have decided to run for the Board this year, below are some of my ideas and qualifications. My objective in running this year is to take the board back for
    Dec 3

    Army vs Navy

    (https://www.facebook.com/DisgruntledVets/photos/a.316073158542820.1073741828.316012375215565/900720776744719/?type=3) Next Saturday, 12/9 at noon the above
    Dec 1

    May I Make a Recommendation?

    If you or someone you know has a cell phone using Consumer Cellular and needs to learn more on its use, look no further than Catalina (young lady) at
    Sharon Cline
    Oct 9

    How to protect yourself from identity theft as reported by Consumer

    How to protect yourself from identity theft The recent Equifax breach may require multiple layers of protection By Mark Huffman Mark Huffman has been a
    Sharon Cline
    Oct 9

    Re: [SCSCS] Car Detailing

    Bruce:  Busy Bee Mobile Detailing. Gerald  is the owner.. 702 496 0031  They do washing only to complete detailing inside and out.         Dom
    Oct 8
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