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    I did an iron butt ride in June. It was the Lake Michigan 1000 (still 1000 miles in 24 hours). The basic route was FTW to Chicago, to Milwaukee, to Green Bay,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2007
      I did an iron butt ride in June. It was the Lake Michigan 1000 (still 1000 miles in 24 hours). The basic route was FTW to Chicago , to Milwaukee , to Green Bay , into the U.P. and over the Mackinac Bridge and straight home to FTW.  I can provide specifics on roads if you want.  It was a good ride and took 21.5 hours. I was riding with a friend that had lousy gas mileage on his Honda.  My R1200CL was perfect as I woke up the next day ready to ride again without any type of physical ailments.  We turned in our paper work in the beginning of July and are still waiting for verification from iron butt Assoc.  By the way my total miles for the trip was 1057. 

      David Kirvan

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      Well, the Ironbutt itch is getting me.  I've been watching the info on the rally all week and I think it's time I got out and finally made an "official" long day. 
      First off if you are not familiar with the IronButt association see www.ironbutt. com.  Check out the ongoing rally for some serious long distance riding.  For me though I am going to break the ice on the simplest of runs - the Saddle Sore 1000 (SS1000).  It's a simple feat that seems like a fairly easy task - get on your bike and ride 1000 miles, in 24 hours or less. You keep some receipts for the trip and then submit the whole thing for scoring.
      I haven't set a date yet, but I think I'm going to try and get it in this fall on a saturday when not much else is going on.  I've done some similarly long days, but I've never quite gotten to the 1000 mark.  A lot of 6-700 mile days and a few 700+ days and one that was right at the 800 mile mark.  I was very tempted to keep burning onward that day to officially hit the 1000 mile mark, but I had already made it to my destination. 
      Other than setting a date and prepping the bike, I need to pick my route.  Any 1000 mile trip will do, and I want to try and hit some new places instead of just doing the normal roads.  I may use the bonus listings from the current ironbutt to get some suggestions on interesting destinations.  (Example - A leg 1 bonus on the rally this year is the Mentone Egg in Mentone, IN - don't worry I had to google it too!)  I may thread together 2 or 3 bonuses to make an interesting ride.
      But for now I'm open to route suggestions, and even if I don't use them I will file away any interesting places for future trips.
      As far as bike prep - well, there won't be a whole lot.  Charge the iPod, take the saddlebags off (won't need them and it will bump the MPG up), and program the GPS.

      Zach Leahy
      Fort Wayne, IN
      2006 BMW R1200GS - Rock Red
      2003 BMW F650GSL - Yellow
      1992 SHO MTX - Arrest Me Red
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