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RE: [SCBeemers] ...tires, tires, and more tires.

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  • Branko S. Mijatovich
    I don t know what s going on there with BMW and Woodson s. I drive by there once or twice a week on the way to the daycare and it looks more like a junk shop
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 22, 2011

      I don’t know what’s going on there with BMW and Woodson’s… I drive by there once or twice a week on the way to the daycare and it looks more like a junk shop than a dealer ship… those watercraft boats/skis are still in the window.


      The parts man didn’t know for sure what size tire I needed, so asked me to bring it in… not too confident with the parts man right off the bat – but will talk with “them” before deciding if I’m going to get the tires there or not…


      Thought of doing the pads myself, but all they were going to charge me was the cost of the pads… but I’m thinking that the pads are not OEM.  I had looked into it a year ago, before they moved the parts counter back into the “other bike” showroom… and then the parts guy was going to sell me aftermarket… I didn’t like non-OEM pads on my airhead, so I’m thinking that if I don’t get them to do the tires, that I’ll buy pads that I like, or OEM – the problem with non-OEM pads was that they weren’t as good in the rain as OE pads.


      OK, just go in from Chicago… battery didn’t take a charge on Saturday, thought it may have been a bad cell – poor maintenance on my part, should have put it on a charger back in July when I last rode her, but didn’t… so, jumped the LT, started first time, reached the charger and when I came back it had a possible bad cell, not connect correctly, and something else… funny thing was that when I took off the charger and tried to start her, she fired right up the first time, even better than when hooked up to the car (ok, maybe an execration there… I was just happy she started).


      Sorry about the typos.


      Oh, thought I would do a ride after getting home, but once I saw the snow in the driveway I knew it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon – plus I’m sure to get called on my rest for another train back to Chicago.


      Good to hear from you, hope to see you at breakfast in the near future… depending on if I’m not a work – seems like this year so far our breakfast Saturday falls on my work weekend… sux to be me.

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