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SCB Meeting Minutes-March 11, 2006

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  • Doug
    Summit City Beemers (SCB) Club Meeting Minutes Date: March 11, 2006 9:00AM Location: Bob Evans Restaurant-Coventry Southwest The Summit City Beemers
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      Summit City Beemers (SCB)
      Club Meeting Minutes
      Date: March 11, 2006 9:00AM
      Location: Bob Evans Restaurant-Coventry Southwest

      The Summit City Beemers meeting commenced at 9:10AM at Bob Evans
      Restaurant. We had 8 members present.

      Meeting Attendees: Chris Schubert, Matt Moran, Mike Collins, Dolly
      Collins, Roger Diederich, Brad Witte, Matt Densel, and Doug Randol.

      Rolling in to the meeting in full riding gear were the pair of Matts
      and Brad. The day turned out to be a nice day for a ride.

      Meeting discussions included:
      � Using all the technology at the disposal of the Summit City Beemers,
      Steve Tumbleson, in absentia, proposed a Spring/Summer overnight ride
      to Northern Kentucky (a scenic and twisty route just south of
      Cincinnati). Definite interest by several club members. Contact
      Steve via the web site or e-mail with your interest.
      � Matt Moran presented several SCB logo designs. The favored logo was
      the BMW Rondel with a motorcycle/rider with the outline of the state
      of Indiana as the background
      � Upcoming Rallies: Sturgis, Michigan BMW Rally in early May.
      � Members are also beginning to plan for the MOA Rally in Vermont
      scheduled for July 20-23.
      � Indiana�s change to daylight savings time should provide more
      daylight for dinner rides throughout the summer.

      Upcoming Meetings and Events:
      The next Club Meeting is scheduled for Saturday April 8, 9:00AM at the
      Bob Evans restaurant on Dupont Road (North side of Fort Wayne at
      Dupont Road and I-69-Exit 116).

      Dinner Ride to Pier 32 Restaurant in Hamilton, Indiana on Tuesday
      April 25 at 6:30PM. Members wanting to ride from Fort Wayne can meet
      at 5:30PM at the Marathon Gas Station on the Southeast corner of
      Tonkel and Dupont Road (Leo Crossing). Those riding from all points
      north can meet up at the Pier 32 restaurant at 6:30PM.

      Membership Status:
      � 2006 Membership Cards are available upon receipt of annual dues ($24.00)
      � 2006 Membership Status-12 paid members to date.

      Treasurer�s Report: The Summit City Beemers currently have 12 paid
      members (2006) and $507.17 in our bank account.

      � Sign up for your 2006 membership at the annual $24.00 fee. Your
      membership gets you a 15% discount off selected merchandise at Woodson
      Motorsports, access to a fun group of BMW riders, and a wealth of
      information covering everything from BMW technical discussions to the
      finest eateries in the area and how best to get there. A purchase of
      $160 of merchandise at Woodson�s will get you a $24 discount� enough
      to cover your club membership.

      Summit City Beemers Web Site---to access the web site go to Yahoo
      Groups and type in SCBeemers or use the following address:
      www.groups.yahoo.com/group/scbeemers Be sure to check the
      �calendar� for upcoming meetings and events.

      The meeting was adjourned at 10:20AM.

      Submitted by Doug Randol, Secretary/Treasurer
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