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Greetings from a new person

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  • oukvekpwv5
    I see that this group isn t too active but i thought i d drop a note. I joined a little bit ago and have been browsing the contents from time to time. today i
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2012
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      I see that this group isn't too active but i thought i'd drop a note. I joined a little bit ago and have been browsing the contents from time to time. today i read through the majority of the posts.

      I am Drust Loc in Calontir. There isn't many basketry people here, in kingdom, that i know of so i wanted to join this and find other people to attempt to gain some direction as someone relatively new to the SCA and into basketry.

      I started basketry a little before i joined the SCA. joined about a few months short of a year have been into basketry for just about a year, i would guess. I started out making Twined baskets out of Jute Twine. Not too period, or so i am told. For this past Kingdom A&S competition I entered, as novice, a sphere shaped twined belt basket made out of Jute. I modeled it after (and used as my documentation) Bosch's The Magician. It was with that entry that I was honored with Populace Choice. My judges, none of whom where into basketry as their craft, were impressed by the craftsmanship of my entry but weren't happy about my documentation.

      I am making it my mission to improve and branch out. I'd like to learn more about basketry, be able to use more styles and more mediums, be able to provide better documentation, and try to inspire more interest and attention to basketry as a craft in my kingdom.

      Lilies War is fast approaching and I cant wait! I will get the pleasure to meet two basketry people and take their classes.

      I am in the process of building up sources and possibly putting a documentation binder together to help provide direction for myself and guide conversation to non-basketry crafters or people like me wanting to know what there is within period.

      If anyone on the list would like to talk about anything or help in my quest with directing me to something i dont know i should know I would greatly appreciate and enjoy it!

      I hope all is well with everyone
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