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burn marks on pots

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  • otsisto
    For those that camp more then I do or cook feast over an open fire. De ... Phlip suggested:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2006
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      For those that camp more then I do or cook feast over an open fire.
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      Phlip suggested:
      <<< Also, if you use the old camper's trick, and apply soap to the
      of the pan before you put it on the fire, any soot and smoke marks
      come right off. >>>

      This is a good trick for all folks cooking over outdoor fires to
      remember. Your cleanup crews will appreciate you doing this.

      Several points from years of doing this in the Scouts and elsewhere,

      1) You can use leftover slivers of hand soap softened in water for
      this. Nice recycling but more trouble than simply using liquid dish
      soap. However, not all of these work. Be careful of the scented/
      flavored ones. Lemon Joy won't work. In fact it made things worse
      because it proceeded to burn.

      2) make sure to let the soap dry before putting the pot over the fire.

      3) It won't help much if you then proceed to cook over a fire made
      with sappy, tarry wood, such as pine.

      4) Especially if using industrial soaps, don't soap the inch nearest
      to the pot rim. Getting any of this into the food can make folks sick.

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