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FW: Crystal Ball List

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    He is the dance list for this year s Crystal Ball. 64 dances; some not commonly done in Calontir. If there is interest some sort of regional dance practice or
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2009

      He is the dance list for this year’s Crystal Ball.


      64 dances; some not commonly done in Calontir.  If there is interest some sort of regional dance practice or road trip could happen.


      Note: Crystal Ball is not opposite Crown Tournament or Toys for Tots this year!




      Could someone please forward to the Wyvern Cliffe and Amleth Moor lists for me? Thanks




      First Set

      1.  Earl of Essex

      2.  Pease Branle

      3.  Jenny Pluck Pears

      4.  Villanella

      5.  Sellingers Round

      6.  Posties Jig

      7.  Gracca Amorosa

      8.  John Tallow’s Cannon

      9.  Newcastle

      10. Troika

      Second Set

      1. Carolingian Pav. & Gall.

      2.  Horse/Washerwoman Brnl

      3.  Heart’s Ease

      4.  Petit Vriens

      5.  Herald’s in Love

      6.  German March

      7.  Argeers

      8.  Official Branle

      9. Contrapasso in due

      10. Korabushka

      Desert Revel after 2nd Set

      Third Set

      1. Mannschaft Pavan

      2. Scots/Charlotte Branles

      3. Scotch Cap

      4. Rosti Boli

      5. Le Bens Distonys

      6. Bobbing Joe

      7. Gelosia

      8. Quen Quer Que

      9.  Confesse

      10. Hole in the Wall

      Saturday Night Sunday Morn will be danced at Midnight – whenever that falls

      Fourth Set

      1.  Black Alman

      2.  Montard

      3.  My Lady Cullen

      4.  Leoncello Vecchio

      5.  Black Nag

      6.  Laendler

      7.  Mage on a Cree

      8.  Mairi’s Wedding

      9.  Chestnut

      10. Spanish Pavan

      11. Female Sailor

      Fifth Set

      1.  Lorayne Alman

      2.  Maltese Branle

      3.  Rufty Tufty

      4.  Amoroso

      5.  Hide Park

      6.  Dashing White Sgt.

      7.  Gratioso

      8.  Whirligig

      9.  Karapayet

      10. Bassa Lauro

      11. Trenchmore

      Sixth Set

      1.  Earl of Salisbury

      2.  Brawl of War

      3.  Upon A Summer’s Day

      4.  Salterella la Regina

      5.  Road to the Isle

      6.  Nonesuch

      7.  Anello

      8.  Spanish Jeepsie

      9.   Joyoso

      10. Boatman

      11. Moonshine



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      Cc: Cheryl Cloninger; Joan Hardesty; Jacqueline Twitty
      Subject: Crystal Ball List


      Attached is the official ball list for this year's Crystal Ball.  Feel free to forward it to friends and other SCA groups.  Alphia


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