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    May 2, 2006
      i also know of boffer fighting.  before i even HEARD of the SCA, i had a group of friends that went to my high school and they faught with boffer weapons twice a week.  i joined up with them and it was great fun.  so yea, i know a lot of mundane, non-D&D players that love boffer weapons as well.  just thought i'd throw in my 2 cents. 

      Chris Lewis <pretzelbear@...> wrote:
      Boffer is by no means just an SCA thing.  Matter of fact, the only
      reason that Boffer fighting came into the SCA is it was done in so
      many other facets of the modern world, that people in the SCA saw it
      and said, "Oh, we can let kids do that," and thus it started

      The first time I saw boffer weapons used, was in LARP games back in
      the late 80's, when D&D was LARPed.

      I know there's also a Group (I think it's called Knard, or something
      like that, I don't know how to spell it) that's north of KC, which
      does LARP with DND at least once a month, and it's been going for
      years.  I know some kids who go participate, and love it.  Not SCA
      associated at all.

      So I'd say, while not widely popular with most people today, it's
      easy to say Boffer has existed for at least 15 or so years in the
      modern world, and I only know if it being SCA legal for between 5-10.


      --- In SCA_Bellewode@yahoogroups.com, "otsisto" <otsisto@...> wrote:
      > Thank you. I noted that they call it boffer. Isn't that a SCA
      > I think the "Historical Swordsmanship" is what bothers me. I
      wonder what Sir
      > (many titled, haven't kept up) Conn would think of this.
      > When did boffer become a mundane competitive art form?
      > Does Bellewode have a liaison with the newspaper? Sometimes having
      > contact with the newspaper helps lessen errors in print.
      > Lyse
      >   -----Original Message-----
      >   After an intense search I was finally able to find it
      >   (its not listed as an official TSU group according to
      >   Truman).  The website is
      >   http://www.geocities.com/trumansword/.  Notice how
      >   they refer to themselves as the "Premier" sword
      >   fighting club on campus.... I think I could argue
      >   that....
      >   Ermenrich

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