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544RE: [SCA_Bellewode] Symposium Update

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  • Chris Lewis
    Jan 2, 2006
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      I am not sure that this is the reply that should go out or not. However I
      am going to type it because I'm about to explode, therefore I must type it

      There are many reasons why our events can go together. 1) Their event does
      not appear to be an educational event at all. Having a consultation table
      is a _world_ different from having a Symposium. Having a day of classes
      versus an event with a feast are two different things entirely. The
      coincidence that they want to have consultation and dancing (two common
      things) versus that we want to have a day of education that happen to touch
      on dancing and heraldry is something to make someone chuckle - the events
      will have things common, oh my. However, do they plan on having fighting? We
      don't at this time.

      2) We are not in the same region. The 'regional' border is about 30 miles
      north of us. They just happen to be within 150 miles of us. 150 miles is a
      rather long way. We fall under the prevue of the central region as far as
      reports go, they are in the north.

      3) We are attempting to get a weekend that _always_ works for us as a
      protected weekend for us. That alone should count for some sort of

      4) We have been told by both Gold Falcon and by the Dancers in this Kingdom
      that they want to see this event happen. Having a small dance at an events
      is not going to be a large draw to the event. The event in Grimfells is
      also going to have dancing. I have seen it discussed on the dance list for
      the kingdom. So by saying, "We plan to have dancing, we are barely in
      geographical conflict, no you can't have your event," Is a little on the
      ridiculous side.

      5) The state of Heraldic education in this Kingdom is so hurt that this
      event _needs_ to happen. If this doesn't happen then that means there is
      absolutely no heraldic educational events happening since last April, and
      that hurts the Kingdom as a whole.

      6) The original email was, quite frankly, rude, and we deserve at least an
      apology. We are not in regional conflict, we are not having the same event,
      and the events don't conflict in tempo - and we have been told by a kingdom
      officer and by an interest group in the kingdom that they want us to have
      our event. It won't break the bank of an Iowa group as Iowa people will
      travel to it. There are a _lot_ more groups closer to the small Iowa group
      than there are Missouri groups close to us.

      Looking at he Kingdom map I am seeing that there are 4 other groups very
      close to that one, and a Barony within a 2 hour or so drive. When I look at
      Bellewode on the map I see that there are two Baronies 3+ hours away, and
      that within 2 hours of us there are only 2 groups. This shows beyond a
      shadow of a doubt that their group has a larger draw for their event, and
      since we are planning on having no fighting, that also hurts our draw versus
      theirs. That tells me we can expect very little draw from Iowa, and no draw
      from southern Missouri. This leaves us looking at a middle Missouri draw
      only, and then only the Heralds, Scribes and dancers. However, they deserve
      to have an event they have requested us to hold.

      I would not send this email directly to them as it is written in a major
      state of disbelief, but I would definitely email back and make a few points
      about it, requesting it politely. If they say no we are completely screwed
      on the year as we can't change our rooms this late in the game.

      -Roberto the still majorly pissed.

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      Subject: [SCA_Bellewode] Symposium Update

      Bad news for the event, we either have to find another weekend or hold
      it off till fall/spring next school year, i've attached the e-mail that
      i recieved from HL Aemilia Sabine. If anyone has any prefrences please
      post them, but i will leave the final dicision up to Lady Helena and
      Lady Esa since they are in charge of the event.

      In other news, when would be best for a meeting time for this up coming


      Lady Alessandra,
      I would say No. It's not a good Idea, for either of our groups. I'm
      surprised that you would consider it! We are both small groups that
      exist in college towns. If you view the map
      http://calontir.sca.org/senesh/calontir-map.html you will see that
      there are no groups between us, and your group is between us and the
      rest of the kingdom. Also on April 1st there is a popular event
      scheduled in the Shire of Grimfells, though far away, I myself would be
      traveling to it if it wasn't a conflict.

      As well, our event has a college theme AND there will be dancing
      coordinated by No Mountain (Grinnell). It is likely our local herald
      (who is also the regional herald) Master Gawain will have a table for
      consults. This would conflict with your intent. And Since we are
      planning to have fighting that could equally draw away from your event.
      The link to our event flier is:

      I believe there to be too much similarity between the events and as
      well- doing events the same weekend could break the bank accounts for
      both of us! Another thing to consider is that FlintHyll (Burlington,
      IA) Will also be having an event on April 23rd. And to have 3 events in
      the same region with in the same month might be possible in the center
      of the Kindom, but can make it rough for us on the ourskirts with the
      cost of travel.

      I'm sorry for any inconvenience and hope you find another date for you
      HL Aemilia Sabine.

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