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324RE: [SCA_Bellewode] Opinions on where to camp at lilies

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  • Chris Lewis
    May 2, 2005
      Having camped up near the merchants, and near the Bards, and near where
      Leatherwolf has been camping (right by the modern privy and the archery) I
      have to say the mutual wind breaks in the area near bards are very nice.
      And you get some early/late shade both. I think where Leatherwolf was last
      year, is a non-pavillion, camping strongly suggested against area this year
      (based on what was said at Kris Kinder) but if it isn't that gone against
      it'd not be a bad spot as it's close to a real road as well.


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      I don't know that much about the lilies site, so I don't have a real
      opinion, but what are everyone elses opinions on where the Bellewode
      encampment should be?


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