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2389From the Webmaster of Bellewode: How-to receive email notifications from the Forum

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  • Justin Crouch (Leonardus O)
    Jul 6, 2011
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      How-to receive email notifications from the Forum
      (At least till I figure out RSS feeds)

      Alrighty, the much desired way to get email notifications.

      It's not quite so easy per-say, but you also don't get EVERY post if
      you don't wish to.

      Sign In
      Click on Profile
      Hover over Modify Profile
      Click on Notifications
      Check the two boxes that are unchecked (this is the default)
      Modify other settings if you wish

      NOW, you will be notified if someone posts on something you created,
      or replied to (or however you have the settings set)
      HOWEVER, if you wish to be notified about ANY post, you have to go to
      a board you wish to be notified on and click on the Board Name (in the
      Forums Board list), then click on Notify on the upper-right hand side
      of the Board's Topic list.
      Now you should get notifications based on any topic that was created
      on that board.
      This allows you to receive emails from boards you wish to be "subscribed" to.

      I will keep an eye on this message and it's replies if anyone needs
      help or runs into issues.

      Bellewode Webmaster
      Leonardus O

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