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2367RE: [SCA_Bellewode] New Seneschal?

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  • Chris Lewis
    Aug 23, 2010

      Alas, I have a very busy schedule, and the benefit to mailing lists is that for those of us who use Outlook and pop mail (an IT standard), my mail comes in, and the only effort I take is to check it.


      I understand that while College Students, the forum format works very well.  I am sad to say that the email list will be the way I keep track of Bellewode, so I will be disappointed in not being able to keep tabs, but anything that comes here will still come across my email.


      Also, at this time I I have no knowledge  of the Forum as an SCA standard for communications, so if someone is acting as Webminister, that might be a good thing to check on (trying to be helpful).


      But please do not forget, you do have local Kirksville residents who really do want to participate and play.  I know Frosti, Eoin and Eppie are all still local and would love to be involved.  Local residents can be a very powerful resource, even if it means adjusting meeting times so that they can make it.  The experience they bring can be very deep – especially someone who has been playing in the SCA for 20 years as Lord Eoin has been.


      Good luck with the school year, and I hope all recruitment efforts are stellar.




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      Thanks for your input! :) We spent a long time discussing it and thinking about all the possible pros and cons for both the list and the forum. Eventually, however, we decided that a forum better suits our present needs and desires. We realized that the forum would be a little extra effort to check, but we felt that the benefits (organization of topics, ease of following discussions or finding answers to old questions, etc) far outweighed the drawbacks.

       Any friends of Bellewode are of course welcome to join! It's been up and running since March, and I think we're all really happy with it so far.

      --Lady Isabella Caresini

      On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Chris Lewis <pretzelbear@...> wrote:


      I would strongly recommend keeping the list over a forum.


      There are a _lot_ of former Bellewode residents who love to keep in touch, and like to be available for any needs that can arise, who do not have time to be on a Forum. 


      I would hate, personally, to fall out of touch with such a great group of people just because life has so many demands that making time to sit down and join a forum – and subsequently remember to check in on it to keep up with what the group is doing.




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      Subject: Re: [SCA_Bellewode] New Seneschal?



      Lord Eoin--
      Our first meeting will be this Thursday, 6:00 on the quad. For further information, please be sure to check the forum--we're trying to phase out the email list. (http://ssmc.truman.edu)


      On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 12:05 PM, eric tillotson <jetdragon69@...> wrote:


      Any idea on when meeting are going to be starting up for the year? Eppie and I are finally to the point where life is settling back down where we would like to start playing again and look forward to working with Bellewode.


      Ld Eoin Macrae, (insert alphabet soup here)

      --- On Tue, 7/27/10, Barbara Smith-Mandell <bsm@...> wrote:

      From: Barbara Smith-Mandell <bsm@...>

      Subject: Re: [SCA_Bellewode] New Seneschal?
      To: SCA_Bellewode@yahoogroups.com

      Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 12:18 PM



      Greetings Roberto,

      I will be the new seneschal for Bellewode. I haven't yet formally signed up, but will do that tonight. 

      I can be reached either at this email or at bsmithmabndell@ yahoo.com.  Home phone # is 660 665 6781. Work phone is 660 785 4525. I have a cell phone but it is often not on.


      Gillian atta Wode

      (Barbara Smith-Mandell)



      On Jul 26, 2010, at 5:37 PM, Chris Lewis wrote:




      Could I get an email address for the new seneschal?


      I can be reached at pretzelbear (@) everestkc (.) net


      Had a Kingdom officer ask me about it and I want to make sure I pass along accurate information.









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