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1462RE: [SCA_Bellewode] Re: Fabric source/T-tunic pattern plug

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  • Chris Lewis
    Sep 3, 2008

      Best of luck with the potential position.




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      I didn't mean anything negative - just that it might be a bit on the anachronistic side to be using patterned fabric we have now for looks that were made with a different technique in period... the A stands for anachronistic, and I was just pointing out that it's fun to do what you can to come up with something comfortable, looks decent, and isn't exactly a stage costume...(cause most stage costumes I've seen don't wear that well, and look horribly gaudy up close... it's just how they're designed - they're made for the stage, not for use as "Garb".)

      in any case, as I mentioned before, I am glad to hear about sources for fabrics, in any shape or form, as I am definitely going to need a new wardrobe (garb wise) over the next year or so, because if this last interview was any indication, there is a good chance I am going to be moving into the Columbia/Jeff City region... hopefully the job will pay well enough for me to afford the gas back and forth for a short time as we begin our search for a new place in the area... nothing is set in stone yet, but it was a great 2nd interview...


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