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1457Re:Fabric source/T-tunic pattern plug

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  • E. Mallory
    Sep 1 12:03 PM
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      I have 'heard' rumors of Wal-mart closing down their fabric section for close to two years now, and both the Chillicothe and Brookfield locations are still getting new patterns, and fabric... not sure how accurate it is, but as rumors go, it's not a good one. Wal-mart has run so many of the smaller fabric places out of business, I've even seen Mennonite's shopping in Brookfield for fabrics... it's sad.

      if Wal-mart does close down their fabric section, at least in rural stores like out here in MO, I think they are really being stupid... there are quite a few people that rely on those low cost fabrics, and it isn't really going to be easy for them to find alternate sources for stuff at anywhere close to the same prices...

      even if the stuff is made in china, it does serve a purpose...

      However, on a much more positive note, Yes, I agree - Linen is a much more appropriate choice for most SCA garb, and hopefully the availability of it through websites such as the one you mentioned will help provide alternatives to the broadcloth, and other prints that are more anachronistic than historical :-)

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