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128Re: [SCA_Bellewode] April 2, 2005

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  • Jeffrey Morton
    Nov 10, 2004
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      pretzelbear@... wrote:

      I don't know all of everyone's status on this, but I am sure Redbeard
      and I can offer house space.

      I have not yet heard if the queen is crashing or not, but I am sure
      if she is she would love to witness a last minute garb gathering.

      I am home around 4 or so every day so if you all wish to do this over
      at out place (either upstairs or down, up to Redbeard on availability
      of down) then anytime after 4 is okay.


      I'm usually here at 4, and until around 6.  And pretty much what he said.

      --- In SCA_Bellewode@yahoogroups.com, Katherine Schneider
      <kls203@t...> wrote:
      > ok, i just realized that i have a dinner on the 12th, it starts and
      > 5pm, so it shouldn't be too late.  what time are we starting on
      >  ~Kat~
      > Alessandra de Piro

      "Always proactively untwist octagonal hippopotamus pants." -Millie Munn
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