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  • robert Trinitie TCh.
    Jun 23, 2007
      Greetings from a lurker, former TSU (when it was
      NMSU) student and former founding member of the shire of
      thousand hills, the previous group on campus.

      Ermenrich has a very good point. Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!
      Then follow up after you recruit the recruits. Please do not
      let this one thing slip!

      This was one of the major factors of the thousand hills shire
      folding after about 6-7 years. Only a couple locals were members
      and the core group slowly graduated and moved on.

      Take care and enjoy the summer


      Robert Trinitie The Chickenhearted, (insert various TLA's here)

      Kingdom of An Tir, Shire of Wyewood, home of Bubba the bat
      winged hamster. www.wyewood.org

      The SCA floats on a sea of jellied traditions.
      Surrounded by shoals of well ground axes,
      and a herd of dead horses.
      -- Robert Trinitie The Chickenhearted. AS:teens -

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