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  • Matthew Lagemann
    Jun 22, 2007
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      Warning! The following is a lot of stuff!

      Ok so this topic brings up a couple of things. First
      an answer to the question:

      Either day we choose, I suggest moving the meetings
      back to at LEAST 6 if not 7. 7 pm might be better
      because it allows people to get supper beforehand. It
      does have the downfall of being the only thing we do
      that night, but maybe that will encourage us to do
      more with our meetings (like show off projects). This
      should allow us a permanent room and not use public
      space. Also having later meetings will allow us more
      people. That brings up the big point:

      Recruitment. We need to do this. I say WE because
      currently I don't have a fall teaching job so I am
      going off the assumption I will be here in the fall.
      If I am not, that still points to us needing more
      people. Esa, Kasha, and myself discussed this at
      Lilies and we came to the following conclusions
      (ladies, correct me if I am wrong on these, I am going
      off of memory).

      1) We need to recruit more on campus. We hardly did
      any last year and that was a shame. I have some ideas
      for this but we can discuss that later maybe.

      2) We need to recruit off campus. Residents will
      allow us a more stable group in the end and it is a
      vast untapped resource. I personally still believe
      that as a College group we need to keep that focus,
      but we would be hurting ourselves and the Kingdom if
      we did not look beyond our campus. Once again I have
      ideas, but we can discuss that later if people want

      3) We need to bring people back to meetings. An
      average meeting in the second semester was Aldheim,
      Kasha, Allesondra, Sofia, and myself. I know that for
      Esa we were right after work so that did not always
      work out for her. But what about Redbeard? Eoin?
      Blaze? I am not blaming anyone, but we need to make
      an effort to have more people at meetings. Part of a
      solution I addressed above. Another option is to make
      meetings more fun. They can be and have been fun.
      Kasha, I believe, has some ideas on this so I will let
      her handle that.

      4) Spend money.... We got over $1000. Why not spend
      it for something the group could use? I am not saying
      spending it all (or even half) but for less then $200
      we could make a pretty nice group shade fly. I
      personally think it would be neat to have. At events
      we would have something period for the group to use
      and we could decorate it to make it "ours." One
      option another group did with a much more expensive
      Marquee, is paint their devices around the edge,
      charing something like $5 a space. We would not even
      have to charge, but it would be a nice way to decorate
      it. This would allow us also to have "group pride" in
      something. That can only help us in the end I feel.

      These are just some of the things I have in mind.
      Obviously I feel VERY passionate about keeping
      Bellewode alive and well. It is where I started in
      the SCA, and no matter where life takes me I will
      always feel like a Woodie at heart.


      P.S. Some of us at Lilies decided women from Bellewode
      should be referred to as Belles and men should be
      known as Woodies. I heartily approve....

      Sick sense of humor? Visit Yahoo! TV's
      Comedy with an Edge to see what's on, when.
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