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  • Kat Schneider
    Mar 13, 2007
      Here's a copy of our room reservations for the Event,


      Truman Student Union wrote:

      >Hi Katherine,
      >Attached is the confirmation for April 7. I just wanted to remind you
      >that April 7 is during Easter break, just incase you didn't actually
      >want all of these rooms during that weekend. We have them reserved for
      >you, so just let us know if you are going to cancel your event, so we
      >can officially cancel the rooms for you. Also, your request said to
      >reserve as many rooms as possible in BH. We have reserved 10 of those
      >rooms so hopefully this will be enough for you. Please let us know if
      >you have any questions.
      >Amanda Sullivan
      >SUB Office
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