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1024Hey there

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  • Kat Schneider
    Mar 3, 2007
      Alright, a couple things...

      1) do you guys want to have a table at the Jr. Visit day? it is
      Thursday March 17th from 12ish to 1:15pm. I have class during that
      time, but if we have people available, then let me know and we will get
      a table.

      2) Room reservations for Geek week are not working what-so-ever. So
      after going to the sub, they sent me to the Lang. & Lit. and Social
      Science departments. After talking to both devisions, we could get
      three rooms in Baldwin and one in VH, nothing in MC. They then sent me
      back to the SUB where I was told that we could have one of the
      previously given rooms from 5:30-9pm.

      So, where do we want to try next? the whole bridge thing wont be as
      cool without the other rooms being in BH and MC.

      3) Aldheim, could you give us a quick update of our Symposium status?

      4) Do we know about Thousand Hills yet?

      5) If you are totally confused about this e-mail, I appologize.
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