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Midrealm Bardic Madness challenges announced

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  • Mark Cipra
    (feel free to forward as appropriate) I realize this will get let in the rush of Pennsic for many, but I did want to be sure it got out there: ***** The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2013
      (feel free to forward as appropriate)

      I realize this will get let in the rush of Pennsic for many, but I did want
      to be sure it got out there:

      The challenges haven been formulated, the restraints fashioned, and the
      holding cells prepared.

      The feast day of Alexandr Nevski is celebrated by the Orthodox church on
      November 23. It seems fitting, then, that the strong Slavic heritage of the
      Canton of Dun Traigh (the name only looks Scottish) be reflected in the
      theme of this event.

      Bardic Madness XV: NEVER SAY NEVSKI
      November 23, 2013
      Hosted by The Canton of Dun Traigh in the Barony of Andelcrag at
      Howard Miller Library and Community Center
      14 South Church Street
      Zeeland, Michigan 49464

      Full information (and complete descriptions of the challenges) at:

      The Challenges:

      Those Pesky Peasants: In military planning, a single mounted knight is
      said to be the equal of six infantrymen, but in the Battle on the Ice,
      Alexander's 5,000 infantry defeated a force of 4,000 knights - an amazing
      victory. Tell us a tale of victory over (seemingly) insurmountable odds.

      Ain't to Saint: Alexander was not sainted for his saintliness - it was for
      his military and political prowess. Tell us a tale of transformation of
      mundane (in either the common or the SCA sense) virtues elevated to the

      Form Challenge: Surrender! Or Else I Will! (Alliterative Verse): Alexander
      was sainted for defeating the Finns and the Teutonic Knights, yet he also
      capitulated to the Golden Horde. All of these enemies used alliterative
      verse forms. So let's try out some Mongol alliterative verse on the theme:
      "Surrender! Or Else I Will!". (For full details, see the web site)

      Juliane's Fishpond (or, "Infamous Last Words"): You will pull a fish from
      the "fishpond" and on it you will find a sentence or phrase. Your job is to
      devise two verses and chorus which END with this line.

      Borscht Belt: The Rus are famous for their broad humor, from chastushka to
      the Borscht Belt comedians. Compose a song or poem which VERGES on the
      obscene (there are children present).

      Maraha, Prince of [your country here]: Through a rather bizarre comma
      mistadventure, our favorite itinerant storyteller Maraha - decidedly a
      commoner and non-combatant - was recently mistaken for the Prince of the
      Midrealm (he now styles himself "The Bard Formerly Known as Prince"). Tell
      us a tale of an unlikely Royal (specifically Maraha, if you like).

      Three Rights Make a Left: Nevski was the right man in the right place at
      the right time. Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights DO make a
      left. Tell us a tale about going in a direction you didn't intend.

      The Rusalkas Are Coming, The Rusalkas Are Coming: A Rusalka is a Slavic
      water spirit, the soul of a young woman whose life ended violently (and
      usually as a result of a bad relationship). She must carry her comb to come
      on dry land, where she will climb into the trees, comb her hair, and sing.
      Let's end the evening with a melancholy or spooky tale: Tell us a tale of
      such a spirit. Gender-bending welcome.

      The old favorites: Pass the Tale, Toasting, Period Piece, Mazacroca and of
      course the Concert.


      Autocrat: THL Istvan Valkai (Charles Stefanich) mos6238@...
      Gatekeeper: Lady Alice Froste (Diana Woodbury); 15337 Port Sheldon St, West
      Olive Mi. 49460
      Alice.Froste@...; 616-848-7100
      Provost:Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy (Mark Cipra); 440-285-9243;
      Web Site: http://www.no-gorsedd.com/bmxv/

      Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy (Mark Cipra)
      "When in doubt, end with a jig" - Robin McCauley
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