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FW: [Pbardic] Beowulf relocated..

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  • Mark Cipra
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      Mark Cipra
      Things *never* go as planned (that's why they call them "plans").

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      Subject: [Pbardic] Beowulf relocated..

      **please feel free to cross-post this change of venue, as appropriate**

      Beowulf the Roadshow (BtR) has been relocated.

      BtR will take place at the blue and white Midrealm Battlefield Pavilion,
      which is on the Curry Road sde of the Battlefield. (it is next to "QE2",
      the Midrealm structure that is erected every year.) The performance will
      be hosted by Trotheim.

      The performance time is still 8pm, Monday the 8th.

      BYO chair.

      Michael Dixon; Director,
      "Beowulf the Roadshow"

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