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Bardic and Musical activities at Border Skirmish

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  • Hilla Hamasdohtor
    O Yea! (And stuff...) Attention all bards, musicians, storytellers, and people who like to stand up and get attention! We have Bardic Activities at Border
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2011
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      O Yea! (And stuff...)

      Attention all bards, musicians, storytellers, and people who like to stand up and get attention! We have Bardic Activities at Border Skirmish!  Border Skirmish, Midlands/Northshield Border (Kenosha, WI), June 24-26. (Border Skirmish Web Site) Fun bardic activities going on during most of the whole event! What might these events be, you ask?

      Friday evening
      Bardic Circle! There will be a Bardic Circle on the Beach run by Dahrien Cordell. It will begin around dusk and end when the fish come out of the water and say it's over.  Or sometime before dawn, whichever comes first.

      All-day performance venue! There will be a performance area set aside in Artisans' Row for performances: bards, storytellers, musicians, etc. This will consist of some scheduled performances and free time for impromptu performances. Please contact me if you would like to perform at a scheduled time, or stop by the day of the event and just perform (or schedule yourself).

      Bardic Competition! This will be from 3pm - 4pm Saturday. The theme is the lake OR storms since nature decided to throw in such fascinating extra inspiration. (And also cut out my internet until this morning. Hrmph.) Performance piece may be pretty much anything: song, story, poem, instrumental composition, dance, etc. This should be an original composition if at all possible. Original arrangements of music, original tellings of myth and the like, original pieces set to already composed music will also be accepted. Please keep your performance piece 5 minutes or under. There will be a Modest Prize for the winner. Please contact Hilla to sign up, either prior to the event or on-site. (I'm also looking for judges, so feel free to contact me for that, too.)

      Concert! The annual Border Skirmish Concert will be held in the afternoon. Please contact Tabitha Pennywarden for more information

      Bardic Circle! The Saturday Iteration of the Bardic Circle on the Beach will be run by Hilla Hamasdohtor. It will begin around dusk and end when all the bards keel over, or the lake rises up to swallow us. Whichever comes first.

      For the Friday night Circle, please contact Dahrien Cordell. For the Saturday Bardic Activities, please contact Hilla Hamasdohtor. For the Border Skirmish Concert, please contact Tabitha Pennywarden.  Contact information can be found on the Border Skirmish Staff Page:

      Border Skirmish Staff

      (or copy and paste: http://caeranterth.northshield.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2011/staff.php )

      Please feel free to redistribute this email/post.

      I look forward to seeing you all then, and I promise to nor make it rain on us!

      Yours in service,

      -Hilla Hamasdohtor
      (Calls welcome any time; I cannot be held responsible for however I answer the phone after midnight or before dawn.)
      hilla AT wild-onions DOT org

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