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Fw: Master Ioseph of Locksley House Destroyed in Fire

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    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2011
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      > Master Ioseph of Locksley and his wife lost their home here in Atenveldt
      > to a house fire. They, their pets and his instruments made it out.
      > Everything else is gone. If you can attend, please do. If not, but can
      > send gift cards to local stores, please do so. Contact me if you're
      > sending stuff, or send to my address (listed in my INFO section on FB).
      > Thanks! Daryl/Vallawulf
      > Fire Benefit Concert
      > Robert Zucker AMAZ Radio P.O. Box 1554 Queen Creek, Arizona 85142
      > This is a call for help to all the friends and fans of Joe Bethancourt. On
      > Saturday, April 30th, Joe's home in Phoenix was heavily damaged by fire.
      > Joe, his wife Cher, their rescued animals and Joe's instruments all made
      > it out safely. The house will have to be completely rebuilt.
      > A Benefit Concert will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2011, from 1-4 p.m.,
      > in the Big Room at Fiddler's Dream in Phoenix to help Joe and Cher with
      > living expenses while the long and involved process of getting the house
      > rebuilt takes place. Admission to the event will be a requested minimum
      > donation of $10. We need you, Arizona's music community, to:
      > 1. Volunteer to play 2-3 songs.
      > 2. Volunteer to help at the event.
      > 3. Tell all your fans that they should attend this event.
      > 4. Tell other musicians who have not received this e-mail about the event
      > ALL PROCEEDS from the event go to Joe and Cher Bethancourt.
      > The folk's at Fiddler's Dream arranged for the room and AMAZ Radio will
      > cover the cost of renting the room as a donation. If you want to play or
      > volunteer at the event, e-mail me at rzucker@....
      > To make this event a success, we need all of you to use your own
      > promotional resources to spread the word and get your fans and friends to
      > attend. To those of you who are in the media and are receiving this note;
      > please do what you can to get your media resources to help publicize this.
      > Tell other people in the media about it. I am available to answer
      > questions from any media outlet.
      > Joe Bethancourt is an Arizona treasure. He is also a friend. Let's show
      > Joe and Cher that we are the friends and the music community [and the SCA
      > community] they can count on in a time of need.
      > Thanks for your help.
      > Robert Zucker
      > AMAZ Radio
      > P.O. Box 1554
      > Queen Creek, AZ 85142
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