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Bardic Roundhouse, June 26-28 - Website is live

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  • Mark Cipra
    The website for the Bardic Roundhouse has just gone live: http://www.eastwatch.org/bardicroundhouse/   ... so let me take this opportunity to re-extend our
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      The website for the Bardic Roundhouse has just gone live:
      ... so let me take this opportunity to re-extend our invitation.  Hope to see you there.

      The Second Bardic Roundhouse

      A gathering of the bardic community

      and those who just like to listen


      Presented by The Barony of the Cleftlands

      June 26-28, 2009

      Site open from 5pm, Friday, to noon, Sunday

      Troll open throughout except midnight -8am


      At:  Minion Acres, Eastwatch, Middle Kingdom

      12842 GAR Highway, Chardon, Ohio


      The Bardic Roundhouse is a gathering of the growing bardic community in northern Oaken and of our neighbors and friends - bards, aspiring bards, and those who just enjoy listening. We'll sing and play and tell tales together, camp and eat together, and exchange a little knowledge. We are keeping the cost low (and inclusive of meals) for this get-together in a lovely rural setting.



                  Bardic Circles



                  Bardic coffee house for jamming and gossip

                  Special activities for novice bards



                  Saturday night barbecue

                  Saturday baked potato lunch bar

                  Breakfasts Saturday and Sunday

      Meals included in site fees.


      For directions and more information:



      Autocrat: Llywelyn Glyndwr (Mark Cipra)


      Class Coordinator:  Ursula the Widow (Michelle Hartz-Coutts)


      Activities Coordinator:  Tyzes Sofia  - called Zsof (Karoline Kramer Gould)




                  Adult site only - $8

                  Adult camping and site - $10

                  Children 6-12 - $4

                  Children under 6 - Free

                  NMS  -$3

      Make checks payable to SCA - Barony of the Cleftlands


      Gatekeeper: Abel Frölicher (Trey Fambrough)

      1701 East 12th St, Apt 3A, Cleveland, OH  44114

      216-408-7351; treydaddy@gmail. com


      Llywellyn Glyndwr, co-autocrat
      Mark Cipra
      "A lie is a sort of myth and a myth is a sort of truth"
      Anthony Burgess/Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac
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