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Cooks & Bards Recording Studio rules

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  • Michael B. Greenstein
    Greetings, all, from Michael Alewright! We have finalized the rules for the Cooks & Bards Mnemosyne Recording Studio, and offer them to you in advance to whet
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2008
      Greetings, all, from Michael Alewright! We have finalized the rules for the Cooks & Bards Mnemosyne Recording Studio, and offer them to you in advance to whet your appetite for this coming weekend. The schedule will be posted shortly, and for the Studio will alternate between bookable Studio Work sessions, and Open Mic sessions.

      WELCOME TO THE MNEMOSYNE RECORDING STUDIO! May the Goddess of Memory and mother of all Muses smile upon your performances. We hope you will take full advantage of this unique opportunity, and offer your talents. Below are rules that we hope will ensure maximum availability and best utility for all who join us here.
      First and foremost, this equipment is private property. Mr. Greg Kornides, our studio engineer, owns and/or has full custody of all of the equipment in the recording studio. No one may use or touch any of this equipment without his express permission, and any requests for out-of-hours use will denied without his direct consent.

      SIGNING UP. A master schedule and signup sheet will be posted by the Studio door.

      IF THE STUDIO DOOR IS CLOSED, DO NOT KNOCK! Whoever is recording probably does not want that on his or her recording. Unless a sign says otherwise, open the door quietly and come on in.

      "STUDIO WORK." The individual who signs up will have this block of time to him- or herself, to do as many different recordings or takes as can be managed in the allotted period. These slots are intended to give people a taste of the recording and editing process, rather than as opportunities to record a salable CD or even a set of songs. The recording quality will be closer to "good work for something done at home" rather than "professional recording studio," and given the nature of the studio process there is not likely to be enough time for everyone who desires it to create full-length professional-quality recordings, even within the limitations of the equipment.
      * Your 1/2 hour time slot does NOT mean a full 30 minutes of recording, and all variations of "I'll be done in one more minute" will be turned down in favor of the person with the upcoming time slot. Time overruns are too perilous for the studio operators to follow any rule other than absolute, no-appeals-or-discretion time management. The final 30 minutes of each day has been allocated to "Finishing Up" to alleviate this problem.
      * Note that extra time may be edged in by signing up for an Open Mic slot, though such time should be used for recording rather than editing.

      "OPEN MIC." Open Mic is for short term performance. You will have up to 10 minutes to perform whatever you desire and then should turn the stage over to the next performer. If you desire, your recording may be considered for the "Bards by Day: the Studio Sessions" souvenir recording; if this interests you, please see Gregory to execute a "Creative Commons" license. Audiences (both non-bards and performers) are encouraged. Please note that not everyone in line may be able to perform if we run out of time.

      "FINISHING UP." This is for people who wanted to plead for "just another minute to finish this up" at the end of a Studio slot. First come, first served. The studio engineer will settle any disputes on the basic assumption that 5 minutes should be enough to solve the "just another minute" problem.

      A NOTE ON MULTIPLE ENTRIES. People who have used studio time already will be bumped from later slots in favor of others who want to use studio time for the first time, even if the new arrivals have not reserved a time slot in advance.

      CLAIMING YOUR RECORDINGS. All performances will be digitally recorded. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING A PORTABLE DATA STORAGE DEVICE WITH A USB connector, such as a jump drive. Blank CDs will be available for purchase at $1 each if you have no other option, but depending on how busy our Engineer is, you might have to wait until later in the event, when he has time to burn it for you. Note that the recording setup will be Windows-based.
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