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Christmas present for the bard

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  • duchessmalinda2004
    Greetings! The new Minstrel Series Songbooks are done being updated, finally! I had not reprinted them since 1996. Whenever possible, chords have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
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      The new Minstrel Series Songbooks are done being updated, finally! I
      had not reprinted them since 1996. Whenever possible, chords have
      been included in the book. If the tune still eludes you, look for
      either myself, Yonatan, or your local bard, and we will endeavor to
      enlighten you.

      This is the Third edition of this songbook I have edited; the first
      one was in 1979. Much has happened since then, but music stays the
      same. I've attempted to collect what I felt were the classics in the
      history of SCA music. In doing research and trying to date the
      majority of the songs in this volume I found that many are not period
      for the SCA. They sound period and that is what matters, isn't it?

      I've included the first date the song can be dated back to, for
      those purists who truly want period music. Almost none of these have
      a known author. Many are from Childs Ballads. Published between
      1882 and 1898, Professor Francis James Child collected a total of 305
      ballads, and all their variations. No one has ever done such
      exhaustive research on English and Scottish ballads. His ten volumes
      of ballads remain the high watermark in ballad research. Many of
      these older ballads root's go back to the Middle Ages, but there's
      no documentation to prove it before Child's Ballads.

      For the songs in the volume of period music I researched the first
      published date of that song to aid anyone wanting to document a song
      before singing it in a arts & science competition. I checked the
      copyrights of the songs too.

      The songs in the Minstrel's Basement are popular filk songs in the
      SCA. Some of the filk songs fall in a gray area. I found that the
      authors of the original tunes for many of the songs written between
      1930 and 1970 waived their copyrights, and many of the writers and
      musicians are dead. If I found nothing when searching the copyright,
      I assumed it was permissible

      The songs in the Minstrel's Heart are original tunes and words
      written by some of the SCA's finest bards, which include Master
      Baldwin of Erebor, Master Yonatan vom Schwartzflek, and Master Ioseph
      of Locksley.

      Minstrel Yonatan has a volume in this series of his songs. I have
      had the good fortune to be his friend and live nearby for many years,
      which means I sing with him more than almost anyone else. I am much
      honored that he has allowed me to reproduce his music. Currently he
      is singing with the Whiskey Bards and his CD's can be found at

      The Minstrel's Nursery is a collection of songs and rhymes for
      children. I put this together when my daughter was born to help jog
      my memory when I tucked her into bed every night. It also helped her
      learn how to read as she sang along with the songs.

      There is a bonus volume of filk for anyone who orders the entire
      Minstrel set. It is only available when ordering
      The five volumes and their prices are:

      Minstrel's Hall
      Period Music, 90 songs, 84 with chords, 122 pages, $8

      Minstrels' Basement
      SCA Filk, 40 songs, 32 with chords, 58 pages, $5

      Minstrel's Heart
      Original SCA Music, 20 songs, 17 with chords, 34 pages, $3

      From the Minstrel Yonatan's Mouth
      Songs written and sung by Master Yonatan, 38 songs,
      28 with chords, 49 pages, $3

      Minstrel's Nursery
      Period Music for Children, 75 songs & rhymes, 24 with chords
      46 pages, $3

      If you order the entire set it is $20. This price is only for the e-
      mail version. As you can imagine printing and shipping the songbook
      always cost a pretty penny.

      Also, I have a CD available with the songbook in Microsoft Word. It
      is $24, which includes shipping.

      The entire set of songbooks has been checked by Norton Internet
      Security System for virus problems and was written in Microsoft Word.

      To order the entire email set, individual volumes, or the CD, make
      your payment through: www.paypal.com to Duchessmalinda2002@...

      Please make sure you send me a separate email for where you want the
      songbook emailed/mailed to. If you order separate individual volumes,
      email me and let me know exactly which volumes you paid for on Pay

      If you have any questions, or would like an index of songs, please
      contact me.
      My email for correspondence is Duchessmalinda2006@...

      If you would rather, you can mail a money order (No checks please!)
      Malinda Terry
      7447 E. 31st Street
      Tucson, AZ 85710

      Merry Christmas!
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