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Re: [SCA_BARDS] Fwd: Re: [STEPS] Need the words to Born on the list field

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  • Fine MacEwen
    You re right. I m sooo sorry. I totally forgot. Please forgive me. ~~Fine mathurin@forgottensea.org wrote: ... You should always include the name of the
    Message 1 of 43 , Jul 12 8:01 AM
      You're right.  I'm sooo sorry.  I totally forgot.  Please forgive me.

      mathurin@... wrote:
      Fine MacEwen said:
      > I just received this over another list that I'm on. Apparantley, the
      > "ban" has been lifted. While these are not the words as I learned them,
      > they are very close. Since by learning orally, things can change greatly,
      > I'm not worried.
      > ~~Lady Fine

      You should always include the name of the author when you are publishing
      their work. Permission to print is not permission to print anonymously.

      The author's SCA name is Master Ivar Battleskald.


      Sneak preview the all-new Yahoo.com. It's not radically different. Just radically better.

    • Jeff Suzuki
      ... Alas, not reliably...my ear isn t good enough. ... I m up for it, bandwidth and webspace permitting... ... Yes, yes, absolutely! To the obvious tune is
      Message 43 of 43 , Jul 19 9:32 AM
        --- jenny tavernier <lyricdancer88@...> wrote:

        > Greetings Jeff, and all those unwritten and need to
        > be heard -
        > Jeff - can you transcribe from hearing the sung
        > sung too?

        Alas, not reliably...my ear isn't good enough.

        > I think it would be a great project to get a well
        > known library of rockin bard's original tunes for
        > the public use.

        I'm up for it, bandwidth and webspace permitting...

        > As for filks, if you post whatever it is you are
        > filking too

        Yes, yes, absolutely! "To the obvious tune" is a
        worthless way of indicating what song you're to use,
        because what's obvious to you and your friends might
        not be obvious to someone else.

        > What say, Jeff - ??? where abouts are you located?

        I'm in New York, so unfortunately a physical meeting
        is unlikely. But if you can get me midi files with
        approval, I'll be happy to post them (again, bandwidth
        and webspace permitting).


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