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Re: [SCA_BARDS] Looking for a Bard

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  • Linda Ullman
    thanks for the input. I ll put it to good use. Cat ... -- Linda Ullman Cat, Seneschal, Border Keep thanks for the input. I ll put it to good use. Cat On
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 25, 2006
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      thanks for the input.  I'll put it to good use.

      On 6/25/06, Lisa Harmon <asilnomrah@...> wrote:
      Hey Home Girl-
      Marietta is a lovely town filled with antique stores and nice people. They even have a "Castle" to tour. I'd love to come, myself- pop down the 7 and see the 'rents in P-Burg and all and have a nice lunch at the Levee, but my good husband has us committed for GWW out here for a brewing thing.
      In addition to the SCA resources, have you contacted Artsbridge for an artist list? There were several musical groups that were period or near period in the area. Some of them might play for the exposure. In fact, you should see about having Artsbridge list your doings. I get the Weekly Arts calendar still to keep up with things and I don't remember seeing anything on the SCA on it.
      Pat McGee in Athens Ohio does music and storytelling. He's an attorney there. He might come out. He's familiar with SCA and has been since the early '80s.
      If you want some media coverage through WTAP, contact Jeff Nutter.  Roger Shepherd or Joyce Ancrile might remember me or my parents- same last name as mine- but Jeff might do more for you.
      To show I'm legit- Mom just closed Inherit the Wind at MOVP. She and Dad directed and built the set. Speaking of MOVP- Marlene Somerville or Bill Dawkins would make great storytellers. They did me a bang-up job on a Shakespeare cutting I put together. Marlene's Nurse from Romeo and Juliet was just purrrfect. The Actors Guild also has some good people for entertainment who might be interested. I forget who the new President is, but Charlie Matthews at United Bank is a good contact for that group.
      You all just started when I left the area. Talk about timing. Marietta's a lot better to travel to than Athens in the winter.

      Linda Ullman <cat.the.elf@...> wrote:
      I'm looking for bardic entertainment for an event that our group
      is holding the weekend of October 7th in Marietta, Ohio.

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      Linda Ullman
      Border Keep
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