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Fwd: The Denenwulf Estrella Bardic Report!, Act 2

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  • Cat C.Ellen
    Thought you all might like to read part two of this report. -- Eilidh Swann, Lyon Bard ... Received: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 04:41:21 PM PST From: Don
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2006
      Thought you all might like to read part two of this report.
      Eilidh Swann, Lyon Bard

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      Subject: [circleofbards] The Denenwulf Estrella Bardic Report!, Act 2

      .. continuing on for a bit ...

      Belasset mangaged to fill most of the slots for Friday and all the
      slots at the main stage for Saturday. The food court stage was not
      completely filled, but we had many great acts there that I think were
      appreciated by all.

      Sunday, as expected ran a little more sparse, but still many good acts.

      I broke away from the day stages to go help Collum setup things for
      the concert. Five or six of us worked to rebuilt that erector set of
      a stage and to setup Yonaton's PA system. We ran sound checks on
      everything, but acoustics change from day to night and from empty to
      full house, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep things sounding good.

      Behind us, platter after platter of food filtered into the green room
      they had setup for us. They even brought in a space heater!
      Unbeknownst to us out front, Belasset was busily "herding cats" in the
      green room. She made sure things were placed well and artist were
      able to tune up and get prepped for their slot. From the front of the
      house, you would have thought everything was completely planned out
      and executed flawlessly right on schedule.

      True Thomas is just absolutely amazing as an Emcee! He announced and
      brought up act after act like clockwork with never a dull microsecond.

      When we were setting up, we rounded up what seemed to me like plenty
      of chairs. When True dropped by to check on things, in between
      working on sineage and who knows what all else, he told us that was
      not nearly enough chairs, so our volunteers went on a quest to round
      up every available chair they could find.

      For the family concert, we filled about 60% of the chairs, but at the
      bawdy concert it was standing room only on all sides of that huge A&S
      open pavillion!

      Lady Maggie ran the CD sales table, which I understand was a very busy
      place all night!

      Belasset made sure there was reserved spaces up front for the royals
      so they could be assured seats as they filtered in after court, and I
      have to tell you, there weren't any empty seats there, even for the
      bawdy concert!!

      As for the concerts themselves, everyone was absolutely outstanding!
      True was sending up the acts for 2 song sets, then running them back
      up after everyone got a first chance.

      Right at 10pm, as stated in the program, True and several of our
      volunteer staff made sure everyone knew what was to follow was for
      mature audiences and made sure to check throughout the audience that
      no one was under 18 years of age.

      Actually a big THANK YOU! to the autocrat who banned the bawdy poster.
      It made it all the more appealing to the masses! Over 300 people
      showed up for the bawdy portion of the program!

      Belasset will be posting even more about these events and the artists.

      We will be putting together the same kind of thing for May Potrero.

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! to all of our assistants and artists!

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