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Fw: [Gleann Abhann] Supply Run Green Light

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  • Stephen R. Melvin
    FYI. -Rathflaed ... From: mlaf To: Steven Melvin Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 9:33 AM Subject: Fw: [Gleann
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      Subject: Fw: [Gleann Abhann] Supply Run Green Light

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      > Subject: [Gleann Abhann] Supply Run Green Light
      >> Good gentles all, this will be a long post, but please read it
      >> through.
      >> We are ready to roll with the Gleann Abhann Supply Run. This will be
      >> my last post on the topic to the general GA list; I ask that all
      >> traffic related directly to the donation and movement of supplies be
      >> moved to the GASupplyRun Yahoo Group, so this list can be freed up
      >> for other communications. If you haven't signed up, please do so.
      >> An aside before we start: Her Majesty, Queen Lethrenn of Meridies,
      >> will be making an announcement in the next day or so about the
      >> kingdom-wide relief effort that will, among other things, provide
      >> for cash donations to SCA relief. Please watch for her post. I'd
      >> also like you to know that, so far, I have been contacted by An Tir,
      >> Ansteorra, Trimaris, Calontir, the Middle, the East, Ealdormere,
      >> Atlantia and Caid about offering aid. Is this a great Society, or
      >> what? If you hear of someone wanting to donate cash, have them write
      >> Her Majesty at lethrenn2@....
      >> Now, as to the Supply Run. A few ground rules, if I may be so bold.
      >> Remember: Honor Above All, Courtesy To All. We are dealing with
      >> people who have suffered tragedy most of us can barely imagine.
      >> Tempers will be frayed, emotions strained. Deal gently with those
      >> who are still suffering. I hardly need to remind you of this, I'm
      >> sure. I also want to add another motto: Service For All. If you
      >> encounter someone who is in need and isn't in the SCA, well, you
      >> know what to do, otherwise you wouldn't be in a group based on
      >> chivalry.
      >> Likewise remember: We are the short-term support crew. Tell yourself
      >> that your goal is to get these folks through the next few days --
      >> fed, watered, deodorized and eventually clothed. We're also
      >> supporting the host families, restocking their larders so they can
      >> continue to help the refugees. Direct those needing new homes, jobs,
      >> relocation or major financial aid to Master Erik
      >> (irngld@...) or Master Stephan of Durham
      >> (stephan4@...).
      >> Drivers: Don't make a trip unless you know you can either 1) get
      >> back on the gas you have in the tank when you start, or 2) buy gas
      >> when you get there. Contact the people you're taking stuff to and
      >> find out the fuel situation before you go. Don't overload your
      >> vehicles. Don't drive if you're too tired. Take a second person if
      >> you can, for relief or just for company. When you're ready to take a
      >> load, MAKE SURE the person you're taking it to knows you're coming.
      >> In the worst case scenario, where you're confronted by someone who
      >> is armed and wants the supplies, give them what they want. Nothing
      >> we're doing is worth your life.
      >> Here's a short list of people to contact. See the database on the
      >> GASupplyRun home for a full accounting.
      >> Arkansas: I will be the coordinator for the Arkansas run from
      >> Smythkepe to Grey Niche. Donations in Smythkepe can go to Regne
      >> (lordregne@...). Donations in Lagerdamm can go to (and they
      >> may be a little surprised here) Kol and Karis
      >> (black_karen99@...). My e-mail is squirrelhenge@.... We
      >> are dropping off at Gillianne's house in West Memphis
      >> (tudress@...).
      >> Also in Smythkepe, Regne is the liaison with northern Ansteorra, and
      >> Edrei the Quiet (quiet2284@...) is liaison with Calontir.
      >> Tennessee: In Grey Niche, Caedmon and Bast (901-332-4347) are the
      >> primary contacts and will coordinate those who are carrying supplies
      >> southward to Iron Ox.
      >> Mississippi: Drogo of Axbridge (bcollins@...) is the
      >> coordinator for the Tor an Riogh/Rook's Haven/Hammer Hold area
      >> (Starkville-Tupelo-Oxford). Collections from that area should be
      >> brought to his attention, and he will either arrange to get them to
      >> a Grey Niche driver headed to Iron Ox, or someone in that area who
      >> can make the run.
      >> Our supply depot in Iron Ox is with Ancyra
      >> (sisterv@...) in Pearl, Miss. She will also distribute
      >> to those displaced SCAdians she can contact. If you know of someone
      >> taking refuge in the Jackson, Miss., area, get them in touch with
      >> her. We may wind up storing a lot of stuff at her place until we can
      >> get through to Dragoun's Weal (Hattiesburg), and gas is apparently
      >> scarce in her area right now.
      >> Louisiana: Sarah MacGregor (hrldndva@...) is the starting
      >> point in Ardanroe and is collecting from nearby Ansteorrans, acting
      >> as a storage depot, and working to get supplies to Blackwood
      >> (Monroe) to the east and Vogelburg (Alexandria) to the south.
      >> Big John (318-644-8870), Ursula the Saxon (318-537-3191) and Rebecca
      >> McGillivray (toll free 866-968-6400 and leave message) are our
      >> Blackwood corps. Rebecca will be the storage depot for stuff headed
      >> on east to Ancyra in Iron Ox.
      >> In Vogelburg (Alexandria), the supply depot is Ambrielle
      >> (ambrielle01@...). Our southernmost point is Wyrmgeist (Baton
      >> Rouge), and the supply depot and distributor is Eilina Gudriksdottir
      >> (bambimsw@...). Like Ancyra, she's about as far as we can go,
      >> and will become the stepping-off point when we can get into
      >> Blackmoore (New Orleans). Those who know of folks displaced to Baton
      >> Rouge (which now has 40,000 refugees and is La.'s new biggest city)
      >> please direct them to her.
      >> The southern leg across La. will be coordinated by Jean Louis
      >> (337-433-8587) assisted by Sa'ad (337-412-4656), both out of
      >> Blackmoor Keep (Lake Charles). They will take donations from the
      >> closest Ansteorrans, as well, and go through Troll Fen (Lafayette)
      >> and to Wyrmgeist. If possible, they will get to Eagle Isle (Houma)
      >> where my only contact has been with Grainne (dirkgrainne@...).
      >> We need someone who can coordinate from the east, because we have
      >> folks in Trimaris who want to relay supplies up through Tampa toward
      >> Osprey (Mobile) and Seleone (Biloxi). If someone can do this, let me
      >> know.
      >> That's not nearly everybody who's volunteered, but it's enough to
      >> give you a contact person for your leg of the relay, I hope. Check
      >> the database for a more thorough list.
      >> Keep up with road closings. I'd love for us to be in the van when we
      >> can push east toward New Orleans or south to Hattiesburg, but don't
      >> get in the way of the professionals.
      >> Where you can't find refugees, give supplies to local SCAdians even
      >> if they don't need them; they will serve as mini-depots and be able
      >> to pass them on when they find or hear of others passing through.
      >> As I said before, be autonomous. Nobody needs my permission to make
      >> a run. Just remember your courtesy and call or e-mail ahead so the
      >> next person is expecting you.
      >> I am humbled by the response to my little idea. I am overwhelmed by
      >> the generosity of those wanting to send assistance. But I'm not the
      >> least bit surprised at the number of hands that shot into the air
      >> when volunteers were called for -- after all, this is Gleann Abhann.
      >> Hit the road people. The Gleann Abhann Supply Run is a go.
      >> In service, I remain always,
      >> Your humble servant and great admirer,
      >> Peregrine Fairchylde
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