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contest...anyone who's a teacher or knows kids

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  • Brenna Lyons
    I d love to see some period stuff in the judging, but anything the kids want to submit is great. If you re a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or teacher, pass
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2005
      I'd love to see some period stuff in the judging, but anything the kids
      want to submit is great. If you're a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or
      teacher, pass this along, please.


      Dear Sir or Ma'am,

      Please find enclosed information on the EPIC New Voice Contest. This
      contest is open to Middle School and High School students. In many ways,
      the contest resembles the Haverhill, MA Write Away Contest. As you can
      see, there is no entry fee. Prizes include cash, e-readers, gift
      certificates for e-books and publication of winning entry in the EPIC
      New Voice anthology.

      The aim of the contest is to encourage writing and reading in school-age
      children and to introduce them to e-books and e-publishing. I hope you
      will consider allowing your students to participate this coming year.

      EPIC, The Electronically Published Internet Connection, is the Voice of
      e-Publishing. It is a professional organization of approximately 450
      published authors, editors, publishers and industry professionals.
      Established in 1997, EPIC is the premiere professional e-book
      association in the world. Our members come from not only the US but from
      as far away as New Zealand, Australia, most of Europe and even Asia.

      Our other contests, the EPPIE and ARIANA, are the longest-standing and
      most-inclusive e-book awards in existence, now in their seventh year.
      From that platform, EPIC decided to launch into this unpublished contest
      aimed at students.

      Information about EPIC and our other awards can be found at
      http://www.epicauthors.com/ A copy of the contest guidelines or page
      three, the entry form, can be downloaded from

      Please, address questions about this contest to the contest coordinator,
      Lillie Ammann at EPICNewVoices@...

      Remember, deadline for this year's contest entries is November 1, 2005.

      In service,

      Brenna Lyons

      MA/NH EPIC State Representative

      EPIC PR Committee Chair

      EPICon 2006 e-Fiesta Coordinator

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