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In anticipation of winter solstice, yule, and 12th nights - gift (Yuletide carol)

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  • jenny tavernier
    Greetings! In 1988 I wrote a piece for pbs called In the Hall at Wintertide, which was premiered 24 dec with an amazing choir. I have finally figured out how
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2003

           In 1988 I wrote a piece for pbs called In the Hall at Wintertide, which was premiered
      24 dec with an amazing choir.
      I have finally figured out how to use/make midis with this notation program,(NWC) and would like to share it. and if anyone has midi capability, to send it to you. If you wish to forward this to anyone else, please feel free. I would really love to do this with an SCA choir.
      I have rescored it more as a singalong, (the original manuscript's in la) So if you don't mind warriors and their ladies, and all who would be found in a hall singing, and like that modal feeling - (and lots of open 4ths and 5ths) Please accept this as my gift.
       If you have midi capability, and would like it, please email me off list at lyricdancer88@...
      There are sound effects missing - horses chuffing and blowing and neighing, sounds of gear and armour - etc. done by my choir - but I had no real sound effects - (I did the horse in the original recording - got a fair one with trumpets and trombones - but I'll let you do that)
      I have enclosed the lyrics below.
      The gist is that the king's men are comming home from servce well done - through the wintry forest, and goodspeeding to be home for winter solstice, yule, and the 12 nights.
      And with anticipation for all that goes on.
      Wishing you a joyous season upcomming -

      In The Hall at Wintertide *1* of 2 pages

      c@1988/2001/03 JennyTavernierReily/all rights reserved

      Choral ssaattbb for KCET-LA (channel 28-PBS)

      Performed 12/88 at Dorothy ChandlerPavilion

      In The Hall at Wintertide


      In the forest bleak and cold    (Choir fwooshing wind)

      where the branches stark are bowed:

      with the weight of drifting snow

      and where the wind keens all around  (Big wind!)

      Hear the horses stamp and blow    (stomp, chuff, and  buzz loose lips)

      as we trace the path astride

      knowing soon all will be warm and merry

      in the hall at Wintertide! (horse neighing)


      In the hall at wintertide,

      when the holidays are nigh

      we will cut the greatest oak

      we will hang the mistletoe

      we will choose the reddest holly

      which we twine with glossy Ivy

      we will bind them up with ribbands

      and of them a garland make:

      we will gather bay and pine

      gather cinnamon and thyme

      we will scent the yuletide candles

      we will spice our ale fyne!


      We will set the cooks a'baking making

      holiday delights,

      we'll have cakes and torts and pasties

      they will bake all through the night!

      we will catch our finest game

      we will make the mincemeat pie

      we will set the pudding steeping

      with the dry plum hid inside:

      We will shine the Wassail Bowl,

      and then fill it very full:

      Then the great doors shall be opened

      and all bid to enter here!




      And all travelers seeking rest,

      shall be feasted on the best!

      we shall raise our goblets high,

      we will laugh and sing and jest!

      we'll have pipers, we'll have drummers,

      we'll have rebecs and the lute

      we'll have acrobats and jugglers,

      and a mime and jester too!

      We shall tread the measure fyne,

      in great circles and in lines

      and our cheeks shall glow with roses

      as the snow comes down outside!


      The great yule log on the hearth

      doth send forth it's merry sparks

      and that flame of ancient lore

      burns as brightly in our hearts!

      It shall burn for these twelve days,

      then the ashes shall be kept

      to be scattered on the fields

      of our lands and our tenants:

      Thus the bounty is ensured

      when it comes the next harvest:

      for the ashes of the oak

      are the brightest and the best!


      And for you who share this season

      be you close or far from home,

      Here's a toast to health and reason

      To long life and to strong bones!

      May your Family have good cheer-

      May your friends be strong and true-

      May your hearts be free from care-

      and may good fortune come to you!

      So together we join hands

      Sing this Wassail through the lands -

      and for those who hear our song -

      May our wish be yours life-Long!

      In The Hall at Wintertide - c@1988/2001JennyTavernierReily/all rights reserved - lyricdancer88@...



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