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Re: [SCA_BARDS] Re: An Tirian Bards!

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  • Brighid Anraith
    ... Sigh. Hi, Brighid here. The original message being quoted here (the one about the differences between Ealdormere and An Tir bardic circles) was from me.
    Message 1 of 42 , Nov 17, 2003
      >having been to many an tir bardic evemts, and having won a few of
      >them, and then moving to ealdormere (or should i say heldormere)....blah,
      >blah, blah


      Hi, Brighid here.

      The original message being quoted here (the one about the differences
      between Ealdormere and An Tir bardic circles) was from me.

      The person who responded is �trolling for bunnies� as my lord puts it.

      I have met this man in person. I was chatelaine of Skeldergate in
      Ealdormere at the time and I spent about 45 minutes with him, at one
      meeting. He has received many offers of help at getting to events from
      myself, from my lord, from any number of people. Each one has been
      summarily rejected, and the encounter twisted by him, into some sort of
      prejudicial, deliberate attempt at excluding him and tormenting him.

      I and several of my friends have had run-ins with him both in-person, and on
      a number of lists that we are on, over a period of some years. He has
      cradled close every imagined slight and parades them out every so often.
      Since those incidences did not occur here, please hold me excused from
      repeating them. I do not believe this is an appropriate forum for it.

      The last time he popped up on a list I was on, I contacted him privately to
      resolve the issue. He showed not the slightest interest in resolving the
      problem, accepting a simple apology, or even agreeing to let the matter drop
      as unresolveable.

      I can only conclude that he suffers from a martyr complex, and pity him.
      But I won�t be bothering to continue to indulge him in it.

      Brighid Anraith

      Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant!
      Utinam coniurati te in foro interficiant!
      Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!
      Spero nos familiares mansuros.

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    • John and Michelle Rehfeld
      I thought this was dropped. *looks around confused* Marie ... From: ollaimh To: SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 1:00 PM Subject:
      Message 42 of 42 , Dec 2, 2003
        I thought this was dropped. *looks around confused*
        ----- Original Message -----
        From: ollaimh
        Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 1:00 PM
        Subject: [SCA_BARDS] Re: An Tirian Bards!

        --- In SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com, Almos <malcolmmacculloch@y...>
        > As an Ealdormerean (albeit fledgling) bard, I am sorry
        > to hear that you felt unwelcome when you came to
        > Ealdormere. .yahoo.ca

        i do apreciate your considerate remarks. however i attended dozens of
        meetings and e mailed dozens of people and was never able to get any
        help of any kind to go another event. unfortunately for me the person
        who helped me go to the one i got to was ostracized after some
        slander was spread about them and they dropped out. slander put on
        their e list, proved a lie and ever apologized for.

        presently they are saying on their e list i am schziophreic and
        without medication. completely untrue on both counts but typical of
        my experiences i heldormere. i addition a lie was posted that i was
        seen arguing with a person to get i free at an event . i was offered
        to get i half price for playing at the one event i did attend. i sat
        with new people, they were ice, but no one talked to me who was sca,
        except two who complained about 1. the an tir holy roman one true
        apostolitic church--which i find funny but am ot a member of and 2.
        that my siging wasn't loud enough. maybe the latter was true, i had
        been busking eight hour before the event, but i wouldn't approach a
        new person that way.

        previously a slander was posted that i had crimially harassed some
        one--again untrue, but i couldn't sue as they posted it under a
        persona .

        slkande is acceptable i heldormere.

        i was also unable to find dorectios or gold key again for the dozen
        or so evnts i iquired about--all before the slander blow outs i might

        oh yeah at ardchreag i was told gaelic was "a fucking gobbledly gook
        language" kind of ironic as they pretend to be gaels. they are the
        usual anglo ontario bigots. who do they hate most-- fraco/gaels from
        the east--canada's traditional "white trash"(of which i am one)

        what really galls me is people like brigh postinng how great they are
        and denegrating an tir. ab tir has at least a half a dozen bardic
        events, like celtic bardic, ermine cross, and oriannia's that are
        larger than almost all events in heldormere. these are big fun events
        with may who actually play instruments--almost uknown i heldormere.

        now i used to get very upset at the slander but now that i know they
        are anglo bigots i understand. thirty years ago whe i first wet to
        otario to work i the tobacco fields we would be swarned in town and
        spit o and called dirty nova scotias and dirty catholic--with much
        colorfull language attached. i would never have entered a anglo group
        except that in an tir i was repeatedly invited and was treated like a
        king by at times hundreds of people , i can get used to that

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