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Pennsic bard finder

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  • Michael B. Greenstein
    Greetings! Once again, Brion and I will have a Bard Locator in the bardic activity books at Information Point at Pennsic. Would you like your contact
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2003

      Greetings!  Once again, Brion and I will have a Bard Locator in the bardic activity books at Information Point at Pennsic.  Would you like your contact information in the bard book?  If so, please email me (privately is probably best) at greenstein@..., with the following information:

      SCA name:

      Camp name:

      Block number:
      I will be leaving for War on or about Saturday, August 2, and I offer no guarantees that you will get your information preprinted for the book if I have not received it by end of business (EDT) on Friday, August 1.  That doesn't stop you from toddling over to Information Point and adding it yourself when you arrive at War, of course, but I am happy to save you the trip if you get me the information in time.
      I still have all of last year's listings.  If you want to see what you wrote, let me know and I will send it to you for review and revision.
      To follow shortly: the bardic schedule for Pennsic as it has been reported to me and Brion.  If your event has not yet been reported to me, or does not appear, let me know and I will make sure it is included.
      To all who will join us at Pennsic, I wish you safe travels and joyous arrival at our annual home!
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