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Re: [SCA_BARDS] A dumb answer, was A dumb question

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  • June A Swinford
    On Fri, 08 Nov 2002 06:17:32 -0000 wodeford ... Stories. There, wasn t that easy? ;- Oh, thanks for clearing that up! :-) BTW, if you
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      On Fri, 08 Nov 2002 06:17:32 -0000 "wodeford" <wodeford@...> writes:
      --- In SCA_BARDS@y..., "jallenecs" <jallenecs@j...> wrote:
      > So what's the dumb question: What would these things be called?

      Stories. There, wasn't that easy? ;->
      Oh, thanks for clearing that up! :-)

      BTW, if you want to do music there's nothing preventing you from
      learning a new instrument. Since discovering the SCA, I've attempted
      winds (pennywhistle and now at last trying to learn recorder
      fingering), plucked psaltery and hurdy gurdy, all great fun.
      Even before coming to SCA, I liked learning new instruments.  In the way of medieval instruments, I can play the violin (oh so VERY badly), the dulcimer, the recorder, and have a working knowledge of the (floor)harp.  But most of these instruments are rather expensive, and I am stricken with the SCA Plague:  I'm poor.
      I'm also an operatic soprano.  But I grew up singing harmony with my sisters and mother, and, to me, it's no darned fun to sing by myself.  The nearest madrigal group is 4 hours away, and NOBODY here wants to sing with me.  I've tried singing by myself, and.... well, it's no fun, at least for me.
      In my defense, I really am trying to save money enough to buy a clavichord; they're portable, thank goodness, and I love their sound.  But $2000 - $4000?  It's going to take a while.
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