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Re: [SCA_BARDS] new Bard

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  • Keely Disman
    Greetings! I like this. It is very good. I have experienced most of it at one time or another! Joan delancray1452 wrote: I walk
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2002



      I like this.  It is very good.  I have experienced most of it at one time or another! 



        delancray1452 <delancray1452@...> wrote:

      I walk through the smokey camps and listen to the people talk and
      I walk until the fires are low the moon is high,and the earth is damp.

      I wonder things about my life that after time, make no sence to me.
      Who am i and where i do i fit in, in this great Society.

      When i get in my tent and try to sleep amoungst the merriemnt,
      i cant help but hope that some day soon an answer will be sent

      So i dream as i can or as the hard ground ground will allow,
      and wake to morning at an sca event with dew still on the ground.

      Privy walk, as most must do befor the morning sun,
      and sounds of hung over people, price for thier fun

      i start to think that no matter what i do in the sca,
      at least i am here and i have been....and more is on it's way.

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