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9640Still seeking teachers for Known World Cooks & Bards

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  • Sue Gilbert
    May 30, 2014
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      You We're doing great on classes for KWCB7 that will be held over Labor/Labour Day weekend this year in the Kingdom of Northshield near the Wisconsin Dells. http://jararvellir.org/cooksnbards2014/ We have 20 classes for sure and a few more in the wings that we're waiting for details on. However, we'd love to have more. Our site is beautiful and we can fit in a lot of classes there. 

      You can see the list of bardic classes at http://jararvellir.org/cooksnbards2014/bardic.html as well as our wish list for more classes (but we aren't limited to what is on that page.) Please go to http://jararvellir.org/cooksnbards2014/reg-forms.html and fill out a teacher's form. If you have questions about whether your class is a good idea, please feel free to email us at cooks.bards2014@... 

      The deadline for registering classes is July 23, 2014, but the sooner we have classes in place the sooner we can publicize what a great event this will be.
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