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9580Kitchen Bardic Party THIS WEEKEND!

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  • Shelley Rabinovitch
    Mar 25, 2013
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      Hi folks:
      On behalf of Fursto et al, I'm dropping a quick note to remind folks that the Kitchen Bardic Party (3? 4? 217?) will be held starting at approximately noon on SATUDAY 30 March (Easter weekend Saturday, the same as Ice Dragon this year! BOOO) at Fursto's home, Chez Lakeview. We will be going until about 6 (or later if everyone's game) with audio recording. The house is: 24 Eastbourne Rd in Whitby, L1P 1Z2 (although some weird GPS machines will only find her house at 21 Eastbourne ST!).

      Fursto is handling any and all general questions. As well children ARE invited but Lakeview is not 'childproofed'. There is however, a lovely front yard which can be used for child-sitting depending on the weather...

      Cheers - hope to see you there!