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  • Aneleda Falconbridge
    Oct 2, 2012
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      Absolutely wonderful! =) Thank you for sharing it - it was a lot of fun to read!

      I love it! I think it would be a SMASHING children's book! =)

      Our friend had lived for a long while under threat of a Seuss styled scroll text, and thought she was safe from the running gag about it.

      However, when the day came for her to receive a Maunche for brewing, my friend and compatriot Jean du Montagne and I wrote a scroll for Lady Sylvia duVey in that very style. We performed it in court and the illumniator, Lady Damiana de Crechenzio, had found a quite Seuss-like period design of trees and houses in trees which she used in the scroll. We read the thing back and forth, answering each other's questions. Sylvia (and the royals) were wiping tears of laughter away. It was one of the best performances we ever had, I think. (And it only took about two lines for it to sink in. She couldn't even look us in the face. For the win!!)

      You can see the scroll here: http://mbouchard.com/aneleda/lady-sylvias-maunche-text

      The text is below. =)

      - Aneleda

      Lady Sylvia’s Maunche Text
      by Jean du Montagne and Aneleda Falconbridge

      That Lady Vey
      That Lady Vey
      How we do like that Lady Vey!

      Shall we now praise her Brew array?
      Oh How we like them, Lady Vey!

      Would we like them here, or there?
      We would like them anywhere!

      A beer, a beer, a beer, a beer
      She surely makes a fine brown beer!

      An ale, an ale, a hale pale ale
      In brewing one she would not fail!

      She can make an Allis Mead!
      Taste it! It is what you need!

      She has spicy metheglin,
      who’s taste will make you warm within!

      Have ye had Potus Ypocras?
      I wish’d I had a bigger glass!

      Hast had blueberry mealomel?
      It made me leap like a gazelle!

      Berry cordial sweet and fine?
      I tell my friends that bottle’s mine!

      I muse upon her cyser gold…
      No apple’s better used, all told!

      And can she make a pyment too?
      Oh Yes, that Lady Vey can brew!

      Does she know of the content?
      And how to bottle and ferment?
      She compounds with a sure intent,
      and all sure facts she can present.

      Oh She can bottle and ferment!
      And measure alcohol percent!

      But does this lady document?
      That task she’d never circumvent!

      Ah! Can she clear the heady brew?
      False cloying mung she does subdue!

      Well, Does she know the kinds of yeast?
      More than good huntsmen know of beast!

      She is friend of bard and bee!

      She is friend of you and me!

      Fill up your cups and you will see!

      Shall she join the Maunche’s Order?
      It is here writ by recorder!

      At this Bardic for King and Queen
      In February winter mean
      On the fifth day, which thus arrived
      Anno Sociatitis forty-five.

      In Endewearde’s most festive hall
      Among her friends, yes, one and all!
      At the fine Bardic event,
      Which her gifts did help cement.

      How we do like that Lady Vey!
      Thusly she is a Maunch this day.

      As we like our King and Queen-a,
      Kind Griffith, fair Aikaterine-a.

      So we give it to their hands,
      signed by rulers of these lands.

      --- In SCA_BARDS@yahoogroups.com, "foxesque" <Foxesque@...> wrote:
      > Hi Y'all -
      > A nearby Barony recently held a "Speaking For-Seuss-ly" bardic competition where you were challenged to write some SCA appropriate bardicness in the style of the Good Doctor. Here was my entry.
      > Enjoy!
      > Morgan
      > p.s. "Blot" is the Norse term for a festival.
      > <snip>
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